Around Sound Studio

In our sound scapes today we have almost infinite access to music and sounds from across the globe. Whilst a lot of music speaks to us instantly, we are often faced with discordant or unpleasant sound – often, over time this becomes acceptable to us, as the history of music has proved time and again. Could Rap have been imaginable in the 1920’s? Can we predict the new sound?

Around~Sound was is an Upperpool Studio run at RMIT University. The Studio explores ideas of sound and music. Besides doing some in-depth research into the nature of musical styles and instruments students explored the making of music/sound-making objects. Beginning at first with simple acoustic objects students progressed to a more complex ones based on their personal interests and passion.

We listened to new and unfamiliar music, widened our musical repertoire, talked to musicians and recorded  outcomes.

Students then proposed an idea for an innovative musical instrument which they then made. Videos of the instruments can be viewed in Vimeo.

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