Tom Flannery: Asian Inspired Stringed Instrument


After recent travels throughout south east Asia, I was inspired to create something that I would be able to play that would fit in to their musical culture. Also having traveled to Japan I have had a little obsession with the Japanese design style and culture. After contemplating and browsing the huge realm of Asian instruments, I narrowed my flied to just Japan.

I want to create something in this course that I can play for years to come and it not be something that I make just for the sake of the studio. I have been playing guitar for over 10 years so I want this instrument to be stringed with a neck and played by an individual. This instrument may or may not be fretted or have entirely solid resonating chamber.

During making of the instrument I learnt some woodworking skills as well as how to work with large scale designs. This included multiple mock-ups from 2D drawings to card, foam and finally timber.

This studio was unlike most others I had been involved with before. The spectrum for which you can create is quite vast. It was certainly something I did not expect to be involved with from the course, but it was truly a project I am proud to have done.

tom3tom5 tom6

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