Adam Grech, Public Sound Installation

Watch the video here.

My intention is a sculptural musical installation. It is to be placed in a public space. The sound aspects of the instrument would be minimal and ambient as to not disturb its surroundings but fit in and compliment them.

From a sculptural standpoint I want the instrument to be as interactive as possible yet not need any skill to be played thus not distancing anyone from the space. It needs to be inviting and aesthetically pleasing and easily be a focal point yet easily ignored, that is my goal.

Stemming from my intention the main idea I have had is a wall or extended structure stretching along a walkway or path that people can play as they commute. It should not be distracting for those in a hurry but easily played, almost like running a stick along fence posts as a child. Building on that idea I think there is potential to incorporate pipes, water and metal which have been the main materials and forms I would like to focus on.


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