Jess Mew, Percussive Cello

The Percussive Cello is an instrument that can tell and accompany a story, with enough resonance and body to project the sound and let the audience feel the vibrations.

• An instrument to be used when telling stories to groups either around the camp fire or at small intimate gatherings.

• As the instrument will be able to be transported to different locations for the telling of the story the audience will be of all ages.

• This instrument will be used typically in intimate gathering spaces, ensuring all that hear the story and the accompanying music feel the energy and vibrations from the instrument enhancing the experience.

• Many instruments are already used in the art of story telling, but many only provide one type of sound. By creating an instrument that can create a range of sounds the audience will be able to create a more personal and live connection to the story and music.

• The sound-scape created by this instrument will help to evoke a feeling of being part of the story and being surrounded by the sounds in the story.


Jess 1d





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