Richard Pacciani, Lilitu, Guitar

Lilitu: An evil female spirit in ancient Semitic legend, alleged to haunt deserted places.

The guitar is a six string steel acoustic, custom spider bridge resonator guitar with 8 sympathetic strings and fibreglass, timber composite body.

Timbers used include:  Bunya pine soundboard / Spruce brace wood / Maple neck and block / Merbau sympathetic neck and block / African Blackwood bridges / African Blackwood head stock, Tail-piece veneer, Guitar Pick

–         Other:

Aluminium saddles, Resonator cone and cover plate

Stainless steel tail-piece

Fibreglass body (woven matting)

6 Steel light steel acoustic strings

8 sympathetic (Taraf) strings


The guitar is designed with inspiration from the delta blues and folk law that accompanied the genre. The infamous deal with the devil supposedly undertaken by the king of the delta (Devil) Blues Robert Johnson. This legend paved the way for the genre blues which was the sound track to change, in African American slavery and rights inequality movement.

–         Music has also ways provided these soundtracks and in many situations lead these movements for change i.e. the psychedelic era and the flower power movement.

–         This guitar is designed not to be demonic guitar yet a symbol to remind use of the contemporary wrongs in our society. An iconic guitar for these current movements of gender equality, gay rights, racism, poverty etc.  Similarly to Jimi Hendrix’s burning guitar this instrument in the hands of artist such as John butler and other similar artist, that are using their music for change not just for profit, is there to remind people of the change that is needed.

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