Shaun Lee, Rain Chime

A rain chime, celebrating the meditative sound of the rain.

Watch the video here.

For this project, I wanted to focus on the aural qualities of water; or more specifically, rain. I find that this natural process is something most take for granted, and many see as a burden (in particular the temperamental nature of rain in Melbourne!).

Rain can produce a wide range of different noises + sounds depending on the landing surface; the clunky pitter-patter of tin roofs, the dull humm of grass-fields etc… I would like to explore these differences in noise. The malleability of water/ rain provides much potential in terms of design mechanics and ideas that could be implemented in my final concept.

I used contact microphones to amplify the reverberation. The set-up was relatively simple: the mics lead into an amp, which then leads into speakers. I placed the mics on the underside of each of the aluminium tongues to get a response from each. I stripped the casing for the two speakers and made a house out of polypropelene. I wanted to show everything in its most bare state. The speakers and amp were placed underneath the top shelf of the model so they could be ‘hidden’.





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