Rebecca Thomas, Electro-mechanical Sound Machine

My aim since the beginning of the project has been to create something which is ultimately very simple, whose components and ways of functioning are explicit, and I hope that this will result in a device which is perceived as direct and dynamic.

The two elements of the instrument provide contrasting, complimentary sounds. The spinning bells result in a lively, varied rhythm which is grounded by the low, repetitive hum of the tape loop. The bells also function as dynamic visual elements. Both elements at their essence relate to the act of spinning. The movement of an object through space and time in a circular motion is essential to both the playing of the tape and the rhythm created by the mechanical arms.

The idea of spinning also relates back to one aspect of minimalist music, which was my original source of inspiration. Of particular importance is the concept of music not necessarily needing to have a specified trajectory, instead it is able to stay in one place; be suspended in time.





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